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Jiangsu Lianlian Chemcial CO., LTD. (short for LIANLIAN CHEM), former known as Zhejiang Ultrafine Powder & Chemical Co., Ltd, founded in 1995 by senior engineer Lian Jiasong, specializing in the research and production of rubber accelerator, high purity nano-alumina and intermediate aluminum alcohol for 25 years.
With more than 20 years development, we have been adhering to the road of independent innovation. From the first production line of aluminum isopropoxide, sec-butoxide...
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High purity ultrafine alumina
High purity ultrafine aluminaMore >
Aluminium iso-propoxide
Aluminium iso-propoxideMore >
Aluminium sec-butoxide
Aluminium sec-butoxideMore >
Pre-dispersed rubber accelerator
Pre-dispersed rubber acceleratorMore >
Rubber accelerator
Rubber acceleratorMore >
Rubber vulcanizing agent NBC
Rubber vulcanizing agent NBCMore >
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Sales head office:

Add:No. 7, Qingyi Road, national high tech Zone, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province

Sales Hotline:

Mobile:+86-13905872709 Lian Manager
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